Tuesday, September 28, 2010


Some squares laid out:

I think baby Katherine approves!

Katie taught me how to crochet! I don't know if there's something wrong with me but I definitely needed someone to connect the dots. I read a million crochet tutorials and it just wasn't making sense to me. Things just clicked when I had someone there being like, "No crazy, go AROUND the stitch." Of course, Katie never called me crazy but she would have been justified!

Long time, no blog!

I had a pretty rock and roll summer so... the blogging thing went to the back burner. The new show has opened and the weather is cooling so I am looking forward to a slower fall. My lovely friend Katie introduced me to this site. The idea of not working in a cube is just so.... DREAMY! I am trying to distance myself from the idea of happiness=things. But goodness it's hard!!!

I also stumbled across these videos:

So dated and campy! Sign me up for possum living!

Tuesday, June 1, 2010

Gentleman Caller

Giant Fiance (as he shall henceforth be named) and I have lived together for 3 years now. We get along really well, are both obscenely messy (more on that later) and have very similar taste in TV/movies/wall art. We're pretty boring and in love and totally not punk rock. Off course there are some not so wonderful things about living with him or, I suppose, living with anyone. He gets mad when I steal all his undershirts even though they look really cute tucked into my high waisted skirts and he tries to convince me to watch The Wire. My biggest issue is that he can eat me under the table and around the block. Giant Fiance's family owns a farm (farm boy appetites are like none else I've seen), he lifts heavy things for a living (he's a master electrician/general Jack of all theatre trades) and he's a giant man. I do NOT need to be eating as much as he does, but boy do I try. One of my new attempted healthy habits is to quit trying to eat as much as he does. It's not fun at all. BUT I have found one trick. Whenever we make a pasta or rice dish I serve it to myself on a pile of massaged kale and spinach. So when I get home exhausted and starving from a super fun but draining sketch rehearsal and see orzo, zukes, veggie sausage, garlic and onion:

I resist the urge to nom the entire pan by piling it like this:

Why yes, that is a mixing bowl of spinach! But it helps me stick to a reasonable serving of delicious pasta. Also, as I choose not to eat meat and have drastically reduced my dairy consumption, I have to be careful about getting lots of calcium and iron from plant based sources. Kale and spinach are where it's at!

Sometimes it is easy being green...

This heat will turn anyone into a fresh produce monster. The hotter and more humid it gets the more I want cold leafy greens. I also want copious amounts of PBR, so I guess the health effects even each other out? My favorite leafy green is kale, specifically massaged raw kale. So, so good. I use Gena's method from Choosing Raw. I am obsessed with this tangy/salty dish. I love a giant bowl of it mixed with some spinach. I add the juice of one lemon and a bunch of black pepper and some sea salt. I just had two bowls of it and my mouth is watering thinking of it. Are you eating kale now? How about now? Now?

Saturday, April 3, 2010

And so it begins

My first blog post seems to be a good place to explain myself/the "why" of this blog's existence. To be honest, I like talking about myself and the things I'm interested to anyone that will listen. Even if I'm just imagining an internet audience. Good enough for me! Oops. Too honest. It's one of my "things."

In addition to my narcissism, I am feeling very inspired by my very lovely, and equally talented, friend Katie at http://katiesredumbrella.blogspot.com/ and all the ladies on Ravelry.com and Etsy.com. I love all things crafty and home based but between a 50hr/week job, pursuing theatre, planning a wedding and talking about myself, it takes some creativity to find the time. Also of note: I lost about 40 pounds in the last few months by going mostly vegan (sorry, PETA cheese is just too good to give up forever). I hope to capture a few fun/easy craft ideas, some (mostly) animal friendly recipes, and a bunch of my failures in this space. So here's to us, my minions of imaginary internet friends. Let's raise a glass and have an adventure!